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Alpha Potato Is Hiring Game Artist ( 3D Artist)

Alpha Potato Is Hiring Game Artist (3d Artist).

Vacancy : 1

About Us

Alpha Potato LLC, a US based company, owned by Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs, is a Game Development company full of passionate and talented game developers. We are focused on making hyper casual/ casual mobile games for the global market. 

Recently, two of our games were in the top charts of App Store and Google Play Store worldwide and have been downloaded more than 85 Million times worldwide.  

Job Description:

You will work with our current team to build new hyper casual/ casual mobile games for the global market. We mostly use Unity Game Engine and our artists use the following softwares:

  1. Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Maya.
  3. Zbrush.
  4. 3d Coat.

You will be responsible for 3d modelling (character, environment, props), texturing, developing the overall look and feel of the 3d games in Unity. 

Please check the following link for the reference of the visual quality we are expecting to deliver.

A few Of notes :

The international mobile game market, although constantly growing, is a bloody battlefield. Only the right ideas and best executions survive. Thus →

  1. You must be passionate about games. 
  2. You will be constantly challenged in your artistic capabilities.
  3. Brainstorm → Prototype → Test →  Kill/Scale — This is the core principle of our studio. Speed in execution is the key to our business. So, if you think you can get things done while maintaining the required quality, and much faster than your peers, you are welcome to apply.
  4. You need to be able to learn new technology/ tools/ skills quickly. If you are confident about being a fast learner, you are welcome to apply.
  5. We have a very open and collaborative work environment. Everyone provides feedback on everyone’s work. If you are open to taking learning from everyone and taking feedback from everyone even when they are not from an art background, you are welcome to apply. 

Benefits :

  1. As we are constantly working with new games and you will always be pushed to your limit, this is a huge opportunity for growth. The games you will work on will be played by tens of millions of players worldwide. 
  2. We are a stable and highly profitable company. Your salary will ALWAYS come on time. 
  3. A company culture where everyone is treated equally and like family members. We believe the core responsibility of the management is to build and maintain an environment of #ZeroPolitics and #Freedom so the creative minds can get the best environment to grow.
  4. We believe in meritocracy. You will never be judged by your institution, age or seniority. 
  5. Some other minor benefits like Office sponsored Lunch, Two Days Guaranteed Weekends or equivalent breaks and Two Festival bonuses a year. There will be bonuses on Game Launch as well.  We are thinking of starting free food culture but we need your help to land a couple of worldwide hit games to get there :). This benefit is slightly invalid during the quarantine period due to COVID-19, as we are working from home now. 

Salary Range:

Starting from BDT. 35,000 plus Per Month and ideally within BDT.70,000 based on your skill and caliber. 

However, we are always open to taking in highly experienced, exceptionally talented, dedicated, hard working and passionate individuals. If you are one of them and think you deserve more than our range, we are open to discussion. 

How to Apply:

Please record a 5 Minutes Video ( You can use your phone camera and the time is approximate. It does not have to exact 5 Minutes) where ideally your face and upper half of your body is visible. In this video please answer/ Talk about the following topic/ Questions. 

  1. An Introduction about yourself.
  2. Tell us about your favorite games. 
  3. Talk about your educational background and what do you think about its relevance for the job ?
  4. Are you a self taught artist ? If so, Talk about how you trained yourself. 
  5. Talk about your area of expertise, level of experience as a game artist and strengths.
  6. Talk about a project you have worked on ( best if it is a game) that you are really proud of. 
  7. As a game artist, which part of your job do you feel most interested to work in ? ( i.e, concept, character, 3d modelling, environment etc ).
  8. Tell us about a thing that you have recently learnt (skill/ knowledge) about game art and when did you learn it ?
  9. What is your expected salary and why should we pay you that amount ?

Upload the video on youtube, keep it as unlisted and send us the link to the following email → 

Please make sure the subject of the email is “Applying For The Post Of 3D Game Artist” . Also, please include the phone number and attach your CV with the email. 

Selection Process:

We will let you know the selection process through email and phone if your video seems interesting to us. 

Thank you!

Email :

Address: 3rd Floor, H# 404, R#29, Mohakhali DOHS.


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