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We feel Good with I Peel Good – Thought Process Behind the Success

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Hundreds of Games hit the Stores every hour. Few of them land on our device. And Only the best reach to the top and become a trend.

I Peel Good a very simple simulation game that remains in the US Appstore top chart for the last few weeks. And it is still trending. Beside US Store it took top spot in every app store around the world.

Let us find out more about this very special game of ours.

One of the main reasons behind this massively successful game (I Peel Good) is it’s fun and intuitive gameplay. Just tap and hold to peel different vegetables and fruits, it is that simple. It is relatable, right? At any point in our life, many of us peeled something. So every new player gets it at first glance, what to do.

And as it is just a game, we tried to add some imaginations. Added such vegetables and fruits which you cannot peel in real life. It is only possible on I Peel Good and nowhere else.

Yes, Our idea was to make it understandable for every age of people. That is why we took a minimalistic approach for graphics. so that everybody can easily learn how to play this game and how to navigate between Windows.

In addition to that, we have made 3D models of different vegetables and fruits. It was very challenging for us to give the skin as well as the inner part of these vegetables or fruits a realistic color. To bring them a needed focus, the minimalist view was the best option.

Another appealing part of our game is its realistic peeling physics. Because without realistic feelings the game would not be as enjoyable as it is now. And this realistic approach added a new dimension of challenge, which is the longest skin peeled by a player in a specific vegetable. That is why we have spent a lot of time figuring out the best possible tools and algorithms to achieve it.

Initially, we have implemented only 150 levels and a few daily challenges. These are not level or challenge to be honest. In reality, we have 150 plus types of grains and herbs at different levels. Putting so many artworks was also a big challenge. We have to optimize it for low-end devices. We are still improving it so that we can include more fun levels or challenges for existing and potential users.

We have also append 15 different types of peeling tools like Knife, Rake, Axe, Cleaver, Sword, etc. We also added a pen as a skin remover. Told you, you won’t such craziness anywhere else. 

We struggled a lot with sound. As we desired it to be time passing partner and game for relaxation, rather going on any funky sound, we settled on only peeling effect sound. To avoid monotone we added different variants based on skin thickness.

We followed a very basic approach to Monetization. Our main goal was to give users a classic game experience. So we gave all of the game elements for free and go for a very optimal amount ad. We also kept a No-Ad option if someone does not want to see any of them at all.

It is been a crazy experience for the Alphapotato team and Lion Studio. We reached to top spot because of your love and support. Please share your experience about I Peel Good with us. We would love to hear from you.

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We believe you will also alter the lyrics of legendary James Brown’s song to —

Whoa! I peel good, I knew that I would, now

I peel good, I knew that I would, now

So good, so good, I got you