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Icing On The Cake: A Master Class Creative Hyper Casual Game (Review)

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Can you remember the game Comfy Cake of Purble Place? I am talking about one of the most loved games at an early age, where we have to make cakes according to the orders! As I was a kid, it was tough for me to make the exact cake they were showing, and I used to lose because of making the wrong cake! But I honestly enjoyed the game that’s why I used to play it again and again.

You might be thinking why I am talking about such an old game! Here is the reason! There’s a beautiful and lovable game in my hand which is reminiscing me that cake decorating game. But this time, nothing to lose! 😉

I am talking about the new game that hit the App Store named Icing On The Cake came in the market by the great game publisher Lion Studios. And, the creator is none other than Alpha Potato, the maker of another hit game I Peel Good!

Icing On The Cake is a simulation game full of fun. What you have to do is just decorate the cake. You will get a tasty cake, a rolling stand, very colorful frostings, and a cake icing spatula. Now, your task is to icing the cake with the frosting and make a gorgeous cake just like the picture the game shows you.

This is a one-screen minimalist game with a pretty clever concept. On a rolling stand, there is a cake that is always rotating clockwise. You have to select the frosting color and ice it nicely. You can change the rotation speed as there are two buttons one is for increasing the speed and the other is to decrease.

The Icing On The Cake is a very simple easy-to-play game with many levels. The control is also smooth. Just select frost;  tap and hold on the cake to start icing. The frost will start coming out. Slightly move your finger to cover the whole cake with frosts. Once you complete icing all over the cake, select the spatula to make the cake smooth. And you are done!

Once your cake is ready, the game will compare your cake with their photo to find the percentage of matching and rate you with stars. If your cake matches 100%, you will get 3 stars, otherwise not! In the scoreboard, you can also see how much time you took to decorate the cake, and what is the world average time! In this game, you can put your cake decorating skills on a test! And know how good baker you are!

I can assure, you will never feel that decorating a cake is not your calling because what you will decorate is acceptable! You can ignore the image they are showing you and decorate the case as you want. It’s like a canvas. And the frostings are your colors. Just icing the cake as you want. No limit of frosting! It will never be finished! Somewhere, if you feel this is not what you wanted, just click on the refresh button and start from the beginning. Just so simple, isn’t it?

The game graphic is undoubtedly very cool, minimalist but colorful. If you are a cake-loving person, then it is a mouthwatering game for you! And the sound is so satisfying I must say! You may love to play this game again and again just because of the sound.

Well, you may get lots of ads in this game, but you can purchase No Ads if you want. This is the only in-app-purchase of this game. Remove banner and full-screen ads between levels and get the Icing On The Cake Premium!

In the end, I can say, it’s an easy and entertaining Hyper Casual Game, which may take all your leisure time. And it’s free to play and available on both App Store and Play Store, you can grab it anytime from your store. So, download it (links are below), play and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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