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Rolling Domino – A New way to play with Dominos

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Nowadays it seems we really are addicted to our mobile devices in our leisure time. It’s not just because of social media, the reason can be gaming also. Most of the time, people love to grab casual games that are free to play, simple to understand and easy to master. If you are one of those mobile gamers, then go through this writeup to meet the new game of play store by Lion Studios – Rolling Domino.

We play casual games to keep our brains entertained. So casual games should be fascinating, soothing and addictive. And, you will find all these qualities in this game.

This game is based around the simple concept of strike down dominos that combines with level based game-play. All you have to do is strike one domino and shot it to strike all down! As simple as it sounds! You will get a small ball and one shot only! Just drag the ball, fix the target and release to hit! The mission is one. All dominos have to be toppled. Otherwise, you can’t go up to the next level. The game is very simple with an easy control system. You can master it without difficulties.

Some levels are really tricky! You have to find out the perfect path by which you want to reach your target. You will face some obstacles. You have to avoid those obstacles to hit the targeted domino. In this game, patience is the key. No hurry. You have no time boundaries to complete one level. Take your time and choose the angle with intelligence. Sometimes, you may feel that some levels are just impossible to complete; but let me tell you that all the levels are passable. Just put some attention, find out the right path, and complete the level. It’s easy to win. I think it’s a perfect casual game to enjoy leisure time.

In some levels, you will get Bombs. Don’t get afraid of seeing them. Instead, they are very useful and friendly Bombs! How? Cause, they will help you to drop off all dominos standing in a distance! Hit the bomb with the ball or any domino and let the domino to hit the bomb to blast! And see the magic.

It’s fun to change the skin! You can change the skin of the ball from many available options. Choose your favorite one from 27 different variants of Cute Skins.

These Skins are not free. You can buy a new shell with Gems. The gem is the one and only currency of this game. There is one optional in-app purchase. You can buy Gems with real money to use them buying skin! But I think you don’t need to buy Gems because you can collect enough Gems while playing the game.

Graphically, the game contains very minimalistic designs; also it’s wonderful. Visually, it’s 2D and colorful. The environment of the game is cool. I really love the way how creatively the developers have crafted the levels. When all the dominos drops, you will find surprising artwork! And they are beautiful, just like magic! Trust me, you will also love them!

It’s a pleasant and delightful game. You can have great fun to challenge yourself! And what I can say about the soundtrack! The background music is very soothing that makes the game too much addictive. The only harsh thing I found in this game that there are only 100 levels! And, after completing all 100 levels, you have to play from the beginning. I hope developers will create more levels soon and update the game as soon as possible. Because only 100 levels are not enough to enjoy the game.

For your assistance, I am leaving both iOS and Android Stores link below. Go and Check it out!! It is an intuitive game. No need for prior knowledge. just download and enjoy.

And let me know how you find the game.

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