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My Experience as an Indie Dev and Working in a Team

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by Riddhy Barua

A wise person once said, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, team up with other developers.

Around 2015, I stumbled upon my grand epiphany that I want to become a game developer. But before that, I was addicted to the dopamine I got from learning new, completely random things. For example, before 2015, I was a freelance graphic designer, before that, a passionate martial arts practitioner, and before that, I spent 5 nights a week doing shows with my band. Only when I started thinking about my career, I was lucky enough to connect the dots.

I learned coding, 3d modeling etc. from online resources, and watched a lot of videos from game design youtube channels like Extra Credits, GMTK. Started making the smallest projects by myself. After I gained a little experience, I realized I can use my skills to develop bigger games all by myself. So my grand journey of becoming a solo game developer began. The only reason I didn’t try to team up with anyone else was because I was having so much fun learning everything and getting things done.

One of my proudest projects was Action Rickshaw on Google Playstore, which taught me one of the most important aspects of a game, scalability. What I do in the beginning affects the project at a later stage. In fact, I made this project with messy code, and then a few months later, decided to make it again from the ground up, because things started getting so much out of hands.

After that I started to make more serious projects. Tried making a shooter game prototypes, just because it seemed so cool.

In 2021, I joined Alpha Potato as a Junior Game Programmer and Game Designer. Truth be told, within 3 months I learned so much more than what I learned in the previous 3 years. I learned about the industry, effective communication, the importance of pipelines, and so much more. Whether I’m working on a small project with a few teammates, or a large project with almost the whole company, the satisfaction I get when everyone’s on board with the same vision and building a project from each other’s ends – is priceless.

A very important aspect of being in this team I would say is, everyone is available for help when you mess up something, with the same energy when they are with you during the chill times. For example, one day you are playing FIFA with a colleague on break time and another day they are helping you fix a seemingly unfixable error in your project, with the same positive energy.

Of course, communication is the key when working with a team, because let’s face it, if I make a solo project, my brain cells know what’s going on everywhere. But with team members, everyone has to be on the same page, by any means necessary. And when they are, the team becomes a single entity, with more efficiency and stability.