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How I am improving myself as a game developer

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Muhammad Tashfiqul Bari

As we all know, there are many ways to climb a mountain but at the same time, we need to choose the path that is best for us. Today, I would like to share 5 things I usually do to become better of myself as a game developer.

  1. Watching Unite & Developer Discussion: Unite is a great way to learn what unity is offering each year with its amazing feature that will make your life much easier. I remember when we wanted to have “ReorderableList” for any of our “array/list”, we actually write custom inspector code to have these certain features. But now, unity built-in makes every “array/list” reorderable from 2021+ which is a quite handy feature.
  2. Reading Books: I know, many of us hate reading books when there are plenty of video tutorials surfing on the internet. But honestly, if you are really trying to understand the core of a concept, the right book is going to be your best friend. Also, you shouldn’t be reading only the programming book or any book just related to your subject, you need to explore some other areas as well. To me, 4 books a year is a good number to start. Last year, I read “Game Design Pattern – By Robert Nystorm”, “Pragmatic Programmer -By Andy Hunt” and “Agile Game Development – By Klinton Keith”.
  3. Analyze & Understand other Developer Codebase: If you are working in a large team, then you will be very lucky to get a chance to explore the code base of other developers. By doing it, you will be able to see the solution to a similar problem with a different approach with their different perception. And by merging those, you will have something of your own solution.
  4. Getting Code/Feature Review from Peers: When you are done writing a solution/feature by which you are proud of. Make sure to show them to your peers and ask for their feedback. For example, if it is about vertex manipulation of an alien ball, show your code to a programmer who had done it earlier. Or you just made a new editor extension that will help the designer on the level setup.
  5. Practice/Explore 30-60 Minutes a day: Honestly, most of the time, you won’t get much space in your office as you probably have pressure for the new prototypes, or any of your games that are going for the soft launch. But you constantly need to improve yourself to maintain your pace with the industry and your peers. So spent that 30-60 minutes of your day by reading a book or articles, watching developer discussions, or coding something new.

I hope these 5 little help tips will help you to be better of yourself.